Your garbage disposal is an essential kitchen appliance, when It is leaking, has lost a substantial amount of power, or stops working entirely, it should be promptly repaired.

Garbage Disposals in disrepair are unsanitary

When left unmaintained, they can become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and mildew, as well as creating an unusable hole in your drainage system.  There are many issues that can arise with your garbage disposal, and garbage disposal repair is typically the simplest, cheapest route to go to ensure lasting performance form your appliance. A clogged garbage disposal, for instance, is a relatively minor occurrence that is easily avoidable and certainly reparable. Leaking garbage disposals are another common problem, which are less preventable, but no more complicated to repair.

How Garbage Disposals function

To understand better the need for garbage disposal repair, it will help to have a basic understanding of how a garbage disposal works, and what the benefits of garbage disposal repair are. In its most basic form, a garbage disposal is a flat steel blade with sharp protrusions, which, when attached to the motor, spin rapidly to masticate matter that has been washed down the feeding tube in your sink. Combined with water, this high RPM spinning and grinding creates a slurry out of the food being disposed of, making it possible to be washed away like water through your homes drainage system. Of course, incorporating motor and moving parts leaves many opportunities for mishaps and breakdowns. Common issues include the binding of the steel plate, with does not allow it to spin freely and pulverize food fed into it. This can also create problems with the motor, causing it to attempt to spin and burn out.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Some common maintenance can be performed to ensure that your garbage disposal runs smoothly and can continue to work properly. One common method of sharpening the protrusions on the steel rotating blade is to slowly feed eggshells into the garbage disposal unit along with warm flowing water. A tip to help clean your disposal is to to feed citrus peels into a unit running cold water into it at the same time. The citrus oil in the peels helps to breakdown buildups, and improves the odor of some foul smelling garbage disposals.

Using these common techniques, it is possible to have an appliance that last for years. As with any machine, however, problems are inevitable. Garbage disposal repair is a simple process, and when carried out by a professional, is relatively cheap and is typically guarantee to increase the usable life of your garbage disposal. From replacing the plate, to resealing the unit to the sink, most repairs take a minimum amount of time, and can be done in a matter of an hour or so. For a minimum of cost, having your garbage disposal repaired is a painless, sound investment to improve the life of an IN-disposable kitchen appliance.

Garbage Disposal Repair